The Pupilrazzi – I’m Over It!

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I can’t take it anymore! I give up! Ever since my class went Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in September, these monsters won’t stop taking pictures! All they want to do is take Selfies! They Photobomb me all the time! They draw on me in Snapchats! They even sneak pictures of me when I’m not looking! What’s worse? They share them all over Twitter, Facebook, and who knows where else! Look at the horrible pictures they’ve shared:

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The Best Way To Setup Your Classes In An LMS:

gradinggroupsThe best part of having a learning management system (LMS) is the community of learning it helps teachers create. After talking to some friends in my PLN about LMSs in general and Schoology, my LMS of choice, specifically, I was surprised to learn just how many teachers aren’t creating the best community possible for their students. Many teachers aren’t setting up their classes effectively in their LMS! Here is how to group your classes in Schoology, or any other LMS, if you have more than one section (period) of the same subject:

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