Setting Up The Student Tracker System!

Plugged In HeartIf you’re already confused by the title, that’s OK. I wrote an article for edSurge about how I used Google Apps for Educaion to collect data on my students learning which I then used to drive my instruction and personalize their learning. Really powerful stuff. This is a companion piece to that article that will show you how to setup my Student Tracker System, or even better, give you the blueprint to create your own Student Tracker System! So, if you haven’t read Instead of Paying Thousands for Student Data Systems, Try This Free Option Instead read it, and then come on back! We’ll wait for you.

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How To Turn A Minecraft Map Into A Google Map!

Plugged In Heart<UPDATE> My proof of concept map is up and working perfectly! This is how students will receive quests in our new Innovation Labs: Sickles Studios and Knollwood Labs. Sickles Studios is under construction for a bit longer, but Knollwood Labs is pretty much ready for beta testing! Post explaining what makes our Innovation Labs groundbreaking is forth coming, but you can get a preview in this edsurge article!</UPDATE>

I have been hard at work creating Innovation Labs for my school district. I couldn’t be more excited! Our Innovation Labs are going to be a national model for student-centered learning. We’ll be learning all kinds of amazing stuff together in new and exciting ways. I’m working on a write up explaining our Innovation Lab and am designing it in a way that I can share it with anyone and they recreate or iterate on what we’ll be doing at Fair Haven. In the meantime, I wanted to check in and show you how to turn a Minecraft Map into a Google Map.

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