#GEGNJ Power Hour 2

GEGNJAnother #GEGNJ Power Hour is in the books! On this episode of the Google Educators Group: New Jersey Power Hour show we had the amazing Regina Schaffer and her students talk about Google Apps for Education and CS First. We had Tech Specialist Genie Iovino discuss non-linear presentations with Google Slides, Kevin Jarrett discuss his Google Expedition Beta experience, and Jeff Bradbury showed us how to create stop-motion animation and comic books in Google Slides.

Below is the video of the show and here is the agenda which includes links to the things we discussed. We start crowd sourcing the agenda two week before the show and you can join #GEGNJ here even if you aren’t from New Jersey because not everyone can be perfect. The next show will be April 11th at 8pm!


Why Minecraft.

techedupteacherI believe in student-centered learning. Part of student-centered learning is giving students voice and choice in the classroom. A few years ago, back when I was a high school English teacher, students were assigned a culminating project on Romeo and Juliet. Students had to show what they learned during the unit in a medium of their choosing. A student approached me and asked if he could show what he learned using Minecraft. I had no idea what Minecraft was, so after having him explain the game and how he planned to use it, I approved the project. A week later he brought in a video of Minecraft characters acting out his favorite scene from Romeo and Juliet in a gorgeous, block-based Globe theater. This is how I met Minecraft.

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2016 PARCC Test Administrator Guide

Last year, since it was the first time they’d be giving PARCC, I decided to make a screencast for my teachers to show them how to navigate the online testing environment and administer the test to students. I believe sharing is caring, so I put the video on my YouTube channel for any district across the country to use. To my surprise, the video received over 20,000 views! I’ve been getting emails from districts asking if I was making another screencast for 2016 so here it is!

This actually happened a lot last year, so… Disclaimer: I don’t work for PARCC or Pearson or any Department of Education. Please don’t send me anti-PARCC/testing hate mail. I’m just an educator and trying to help educators.

Anyone who wants to can use this video with their teachers is welcome to do so. Good luck, have fun, and if you found the video useful let me know!

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