Apps and Sites for the Twenty-First Century Classroom

AppsA lot of folks have been e-mailing me and asking what apps, sites, and programs I use in my class. I just finished making a list for my incoming students, so I thought I would post something similar for you fine folks.

Every unit I teach, my students have to take something they’re learning about and “produce” it for a wider audience. These sites help my students do that in fun ways.

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My Gamified Classroom

This year, I have created an Alternate Reality Game that uses Transmedia storytelling to gamify my classroom. As far as I know, this has never been done in school before, so I’m really excited!

I call this game TwentyTwenty, and creating it has been a lot of fun. Throughout this post, feel free to look at my TwenyTwenty game website, so you can see what I’m talking about as I try to explain the different parts of my gamified classroom.

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