Postmortem: Gamification Data Dump

game-onI thought I would dump my yearlong Gamification data, side-by-side, and give my thoughts. This is the first side-by-side comparison I’ve done on my data, so let’s do it together!

First, I must apologize. Like an idiot, I accidentally deleted my third marking period data. I can say, though, it showed a general continuation of MP2. A few percentage points growth/decline in either direction. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think losing MP3 data matters too much, but I’m still pissed at myself. I also have to apologize for my Photoshop/WordPress skills. It’s hard to get all these questions side-by-side on WordPress. They don’t want to play nice together. Note: having the Hover Free extension will make reading this a lot easier. It’s one of those must have extensions!

So, that being said, let’s get after it!

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Badges, Rewards, Schoology, and You!

What a week! My game, and the site, are in full swing. Things are going way better than I ever imagined. My kids have found 9 of the current 20 clues currently published in my ARG and are absolutely in love with the leaderboards (which is fully up and running if you want to check it out). They’ve checked the leaderboards hundreds of times in a little over a week. Maybe my favorite part of all the opening week action is reading the discussions they are having with each other about the game and checking the post times. I have 40% participation and these kids are playing at all hours of the day (and night!) and are even playing when they are in other classes at school (I almost feel bad). They posted so many comments in the game folder on Schoology that I had to give them the ability to start their own threads. I initially anticipated opening a weekly thread, but the First Week thread I already made has so many comments in it (231 so far. That’s over thirty a day!) that you can’t read them all because they got squished up against each other as students reply to other students, as shown in this picture. The grey lines link students’ replies to each other.


In my class, I call badges Achievements because it sounds more epic. During this first week, I overheard multiple students bragging about having earned one of the handful of Achievements I’ve handed out thus far and planning out what they are saving up to buy out of the item shop. It’s not only my students who love the Achievements, but it seems you guys do as well. Of the fifty or so e-mails I’ve received, most of them have been about Achievements (badges). How I design them, how I hand them out, how I came up with them, what is their point. So, lets talk about them.

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