Teaching Entrepreneurship through the For-Profit MakerSpace


I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship and its related topics. From running a business, to the way money and markets work, to behavioral economics, finance, marketing, and advertising, I find it all to be fascinating. While we now have mandatory finance classes and more business electives for high school students in Jersey, it wasn’t that way when I was there. I think the lack of exposure to entrepreneurship has made my life more difficult. I’ve made a lot of expensive mistakes as I taught myself the hard way about credit cards, balancing checkbooks, budgeting, and mortgages and probably missed out on opportunities like investing in the stock market or starting early on my retirement fund. 

Exposing students to entrepreneurship is more important than ever. In five years, everyone will be treating entrepreneurship with the same reverence currently reserved for STEAM. If you have been following some of the predictions and research about the future of jobs, many jobs, up to 60%, face the possibility of being computerized or automated. Whether this comes to pass or not, and it looks like it will, jobs in management, business, and finance will continue to be in demand and generally safe from the robots. What’s even better, it is only going to get easier and cheaper to start your own business. I want my kids to be ready for the work force of the future and become familiar with entrepreneurial skills sooner, rather than later. I want to do this in the most student-centered, authentic way possible, so… I built them a store. Gizmos is open for business!

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Fair Haven’s Innovation Labs – The unSTEM Labs


With the trust and support of my leadership team, I’ve been given the green light to design and co-teach the class of my dreams. Since joining Fair Haven last December, and through this summer, I’ve spent hours designing and beta testing a class that I believe will become a national model for student-centered learning. Our Innovation Labs, part of our Fair Haven Innovates initiative, is made up of Sickles Studios and Knollwood Labs. We launched last week and Monday was the first day students got to get their hands dirty and start on their Quests. I wanted to give an overview of the Innovation Labs and the ideas behind them, so I can dive deeper throughout the year.

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