First Reflection From The Innovation Labs

downloadWe are about a month into Innovation Lab, and even though that may sound like a lot, I only see each class once a week for an hour. In all, since we’ve had some days off since the start of school, I’ve only seen most classes twice. Not a lot, but between observations and collecting data, I’m starting to see some trends. So, in the spirit of the same Growth Mindset I hope my kids develop in the Innovation Labs, here is the first reflection from the trenches of the Innovation Labs.

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ISTE, A Reflection

2015-06-30 12.29.30With ISTE behind us, it’s fun to reflect on the event that was. I think my ISTE style is unique; I don’t attend sessions. The older I get, the less I can sit still. For me, ISTE is about making new connections or building on relationships with people I learn with online throughout the year. My PD comes form the conversations I get to have with these edu-rockstars. And while I was able to meet some amazing people at ISTE and have a ton of awesome experiences, my Poster session with my former students was something I’ll never forget. It was the highlight of my ISTE.

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The Impact of Passion-Based Learning A Year Later

IMG_0758This time last year, my students took the stage to talk about their yearlong Passion-Based Learning assignment: the Be About It project. In just a few weeks, some of those students will hit the stage to talk about their projects again, only this time it will be at ISTE and I’ll get to share the stage with them! Alanis reflected on her Be About It project experience for me last year and as we prepare for ISTE, I’ve asked her to do it again. From her fingers to your eyes, the importance of Passion-Based Learning:

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