Feedback To You!


During presentations and essays, I like to have students use Google Forms to provide peer feedback. While Google Forms is awesome, there are two big problems when using it for peer feedback: 1) It isn’t greatĀ for collecting wordy feedback. As you know, when you collect big pieces of text via Google Forms it can be hard to read. 2) Once I have all that peer feedback collected, it is difficult to share it back to that student so they can reflect.

For a while. I was printing out the feedback, cutting it, and handing it back to each student. This was annoying and time consuming. I said to myself, “Self, there has to be a better way!” Thus, my first foray into scripting came about like most inventions: Necessity.

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Get Your Tech Up Part 1: The Do Now (Revisited)

logoI got quite a few e-mails with questions about journaling on Google Drive as I outlined in this post a few weeks ago. Since you asked, I thought I’d go a bit more in-depth about the setup, peer editing uses, and why it’s something you should definitely incorporate to tech up your classroom!

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