The Gamification Guide

Gamification Guide CoverBorn from my Google Certified Innovator Project, The Gamification Guide is here!

Gamification is the use of game-mechanics and elements in non-game contexts. For the last six years, I’ve used gamification to turn my classroom into a video game to help motivate, engage, and empower my students. I’ve done hundreds of presentations on my unique style of gamification and have worked with dozens of teachers to turn their classroom into a video game. One of the things I’m always told is that an in-depth guide would be useful, so I wrote one for the first stage of my three stage system!

I want The Gamification Guide to be a living document. I want it to grow as we experiment together and learn more about how to best use gamification. Making The Gamification Guide an e-guide allows me to do that as well as link to valuable resources and examples, which is always helpful. Besides, I am part of the Maker Movement. I do things myself. So go ahead and download the first stage of the The Gamification Guide for free and know you can always come back to this page to download the newest version.

Gamification has done a world of good for me and my kids. I hope it will do the same for you and yours. Enjoy just a taste of my three stage gamification system!

Until Next Time,